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Updated Affiliation Agreement for Creators

Login to the Creator Portal to update your affiliation agreement (existing affiliates only).

Access Copyright’s licensing offerings are rooted in the grants of rights we receive from creators and publishers. As Canadians have found new ways to repurpose published content we’ve updated our offerings accordingly to maintain value for licensees and rightsholders.

In anticipation of continued innovation and shifting modes of content usage, and with input from national creator organizations, Access Copyright is introducing a new Creator Affiliation Agreement. The new agreement features a consolidated grant of rights and a technologically-neutral definition of copying that will enhance our readiness to meet the evolving needs of the customers we serve on your behalf.

Signing a new agreement is your opportunity to help strengthen the representation of written and artistic works in Canada, and to reaffirm your place in this collective. It’s also a way to clearly signal your expectation that creators should be rewarded when their works are used, regardless of the technological platform.

Updated Agreement Q&A

What’s wrong with my current agreement?

Your current agreement contains a menu of grants arranged and described using increasingly irrelevant categories. While your current agreement is sufficient for the delivery of existing licences, a new agreement will strengthen the prospects for future offerings.

In a nutshell, what’s this agreement do?

The new agreement features a single, consolidated grant of rights with a technologically-neutral definition of copying and, as before, it appoints Access Copyright as your Canadian collective society to license that copying.

How will my work be sold?

Access Copyright doesn’t sell or distribute your works. We sell the licence that grants permission to reproduce and communicate limited portions of your works.

What are the limits on the uses I’m granting?

Depending on the licensing sector, customers would be pre-cleared to copy between 10 and 20% of a book, or one article or artistic work from a single publication.

Does the agreement permit you to license posting on the open internet?

No, it definitely does not. The agreement includes a very clear stipulation that licensing will not cover posting to open websites and that coverage for digital uploading will be restricted to password-protected environments.

How will my future royalties be affected?

You remain eligible for the same payments and royalty splits you receive today. Those include the annual Payback payment and title-specific payments related to the appearance of any of your works in a reporting log or sampling study.

Is this the end of Creator Registration? If so, why?

Creator Registration was implemented in 2009 for greater convenience. We have ended this option because we now believe it’s important that all creators receive the comprehensive service afforded by a complete affiliation agreement.

I’m already a Creator Registrant— what will happen to me?

We hope you will sign the new affiliation agreement but in the meantime, until you do, you would remain a Creator Registrant and continue to be eligible to receive your usual payments.

I’m a full Affiliate—what will happen if I don’t update?

If you don’t wish to update your agreement you will remain an Access Copyright affiliate and continue to receive Payback and any other royalty payments to which you are entitled.

Why would I update if there are no consequences?

While your current agreement has been sufficient to deliver existing licensing offerings, it includes sections that are increasingly outdated. Failing to update agreements now may limit our offerings in the mid-to-long-term and that may ultimately lead to a reduction or elimination of the royalties you currently receive.

How can I find more information on the new agreement?

Please contact our Royalties and Client Services department at or 1-800-893-5777.