Access Copyright’s Board of Directors is composed of 10 elected directors and the President & CEO. An elected Nominating Committee recruits prospective directors who agree to stand for election at the AGM, and the Membership Advisory Committee nominates new members to the subsequent year's Committee.


2018 Board of Directors

Cameron Macdonald
Kelly Duffin
Gordon Dyer
Debbie Hogan
Stephen Hurley
Katherine Lawrence
Roanie Levy, AC CEO & President
Grant McConnell
Krys Ross
Kelly Shaw

Membership Advisory Committee (MAC)

Access Copyright’s Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) is an elected group of representatives that advises the Access Copyright Board of Directors on matters of concern to affiliates. If you are an Access Copyright affiliate, the MAC is your channel to the Access Copyright Board of Directors. Bring your questions or concerns to the attention of the MAC by emailing, which will deliver your message directly to the committee chair.  

2018 MAC

Gary Bennett (Pearson Canada)
April Britski (Canadian Artists Representation)
Roger Clarke (Canadian Publishers' Council)
John Degen (The Writers’ Union of Canada)
Kate Edwards (Association of Canadian Publishers)
Lesley Fletcher (The League of Canadian Poets)
Carol Holmes (Writers Guild of Alberta)
Kieran Leblanc (Book Publishers Association of Alberta)