Serving Your Copyright Permission Needs

Access Copyright provides two basic types of licences for your print and digital permission needs in Canada (excluding Quebec where licensing is managed by Copibec):


A yearly, renewable licence that allows you advance permissions. For more information please contact us via phone at 416-868-1620 (toll-free 1-800-893-5777) or via email.

To get permission for uses that go beyond the terms of your comprehensive licence, please use our Title Search and Permissions Tool.

Transactional (pay-per-use):

In sectors where a comprehensive licence is not available, Access Copyright may offer licences for one-time uses that can provide authorization to make a copy of copyright protected material for reproduction or republishing purposes. Permission must be sought in advance of any copying and payment. Payment for these licences must be made with a credit card or wire transfer before a licence will be issued.

To request permission on a publication please visit our Title Search and Permissions Tool.

For more information on our Permissions Services, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Title Search & Permissions Tool

Access Copyright’s search tool helps our customers who are licensed under an Access Copyright licence or tariff, as well as occasional users of copyright-protected content, to discover and use the millions of works in our repertoire. To confirm if you are licensed or for further assistance, please email us at