Details about affiliation, the repertoire payment, and other royalties and services for publishers.

Affiliation Agreement Update

Signing the updated affiliation agreement is easy. All you need to do is download a copy (French) of the updated agreement, sign it and send it back to us by email ( or fax (416-868-1621).

Access Copyright’s licensing offerings are rooted in the grants of rights we receive from creators and publishers. As our customers have used technology to copy and share content in new ways we’ve updated our offerings accordingly to maintain value for customers and rightsholders alike.

In anticipation of continued innovation and shifting modes of content usage Access Copyright updated its Publisher Affiliation Agreement featuring a single, consolidated grant of rights and a technologically-neutral definition of copying. 

Updating your agreement signals your expectation that rightsholders be rewarded when portions of their works are copied, regardless of the technology that was used to create the copies.

Publisher Affiliation FAQs