Is this man Canada's hardest-working author?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Douglas Gardham would be a dream author for any publisher’s publicity team.

Book signings? Gardham has spent almost every weekend in the past three years travelling to various bookstores selling his book, The Actor, which he self-published after spending more than a decade writing it.

Marketing himself? Gardham continuously sends out emails and newsletters to those covering the book scene, such as The Globe and Mail’s Books Editor Mark Medley.

After years of receiving and subsequently ignoring Gardham’s messages, Medley saw him at a book signing at a Kanata, ON Chapters. Curiosity got the better of him and Medley got in touch with this pluckily persistent author. 

The story that resulted, “Meet Douglas Gardham, the hardest-working Canadian novelist you’ve never heard of”, is an intriguing tale of the lengths one will go when he believes he is destined to write.