Cultural policies of tomorrow begin with your story today

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stories matter. As writers, visual artists and publishing professionals you know this—it’s what you do. Canada and the world enjoy a wealth of great Canadian stories and storytellers thanks to your creativity, innovation and hard work.
Now it’s time to tell that story. Your story. Your professional story.
The federal government is poised to pursue the most significant cultural policy overhaul in over a decade and Canadian Heritage is currently requesting input on how to improve the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content. 
Make yourself and your creative profession a consideration at this pivotal moment. Share your stories and ideas with Canadian Heritage. No story is too personal. The deadline to get involved is Nov 25, 2016. Here’s how:

Share a Story

  • What do you love best about Canadian culture and creativity?  What does Canadian content mean to you?  How has digital technology changed the work that you do?  What kinds of exciting and innovative initiatives are happening in the writing and publishing industry? Share a story here

    For example: "I chose to pursue my creative career after being inspired by _________.”  Or “Our sector’s innovative approach to ________, has led to increased opportunities for _________.” 

Share an Idea

  • What does a cultural system that supports creators and respects citizen choice look like to you? Share an idea here

    For example: "By supporting [creators and/or publishers] with _________, Canadians will have greater access to _________.” 
  • How do we support Canada’s artists, content creators and cultural entrepreneurs in order to create a cultural ecosystem in which they thrive and that will benefit the growth of our middle class at home, and help them reach beyond our borders? Share an idea here

    For example: "My creativity thrives when the system is _________, and does _________.” 
  • How can we meet the challenge of promoting Canada’s creativity in the digital world, and how can we use Canadian content to promote a strong democracy? Share an idea here  

    For example: "As a [creator or publisher], my work helps promote a strong democracy by __________”

Share on Social Media with #DigiCanCon & #CdnStorytellers

  • Join the conversation on social media by sharing comments, articles or media with the hashtags #DigiCanCon & #CdnStorytellers.  And if you submit a story or idea on the consultation website, make sure to also share it on social media using #DigiCanCon & #CdnStorytellers.  

No matter how you participate or what it is you want to say, it is important to ensure that the voice of Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers is heard.  More information can be found on the consultation website.