Call for Applications: Access Copyright Foundation Event Grants. Deadline: November 1

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This year is different

Like so many other things in 2020, the traditional ways that we promote and hold events have been turned on a dime. It can feel overwhelming to know which tools, social media tactics and/or technologies we can still use or need to learn in order to make an event successful. While there is no doubt that this is a tricky time for everyone, the good news is that it’s still possible to host a successful event that celebrates publishable Canadian works for members of Canada’s creative community (and still have fun with it!).

  • Moving your event online can actually be a bonus in that MANY more people can potentially attend. No more geographic limitations!
  • The ability to record the event and have people see it later – making the “one and done” nature of events far less of a concern.
  • Speakers from across the land can easily take part, making your budget reach farther by taking away any travel costs. You might even be able to line up speakers that you never imagined now that the time commitment won’t extend much beyond the time of the event.

Access Copyright Foundation is currently accepting applications for Event Grants and we encourage anyone who might be on the fence to apply.

Events that have received grant support from the Foundation include festivals, reading series, conferences and workshops.

Applications are being accepted until November 1 at 11:59 CST through the Saskatchewan Arts Board’s portal. The ACF grants program is administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

For inspiration, we are pleased to share the success stories of two recipients of Event Grants in 2019, both of whom had to quickly shift their plans.

The Frye Festival was among the first literary event to pivot from an in-person to an on-line event. The Festival held 17 events on Facebook between April 17 to 26 which engaged a wide audience in the Festival’s home province of New Brunswick, as well as across Canada and the World. In total, over 1,100 book lovers tuned into Festival events and over 25,000 viewed the video content.

The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) turned its annual celebration of diverse Canadian literature into an online, free affair. Due to its quick shift, the FOLD had seven times as many attendees as it typically does, with over 7,100 individuals participating in at least some part of this year’s FOLD.

Both festivals’ success in presenting a strictly online event was highlighted in Quill & Quire and the Globe and Mail.

Important details for Previous Event Grant Recipients

While we celebrate the nimbleness of these festival directors and employees who quickly shifted gears during an unprecedented time, ACF recognizes that some grant recipients had to make the difficult decision to cancel their events altogether or postpone them indefinitely.

For those who had to cancel, ACF has allowed grant funding to be used for any costs that were incurred, including venue deposits, honoraria, non-refundable travel or accommodation costs without any impact on eligibility to apply for future Event Grants. In other words, we encourage and hope you that will submit your final report for your grant and consider applying for an Event Grant this year.

For those whose events have been postponed, ACF would be pleased to approve an extension, if you have not already requested one. Requests for Event Grant extensions, as well as those for other ACF grants, can continue to be sent to the Foundation; please include a brief outline about changes to the event because of COVID-19 (dates, presenters, venue) and new project dates. ACF will approve the extension, allowing you to retain your grant and will change the final report due date to accommodate your rescheduled event or project. Please send requests directly to Joanne Gerber, Program Consultant at the Saskatchewan Arts Board, at as well as any questions you may have about this year’s Event Grant application process.