Access Copyright’s affiliation now open to creators whose works are published only in digital form

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Access Copyright is pleased to announce it is extending its eligibility guidelines for writers and visual artists to affiliate with our organization.

In recognition that the mediums in which creators produce their work has changed substantially and that getting work published in print form is no longer the benchmark to being considered a working creator, those whose works are solely published in digital form, such as e-books or online magazines, newspapers or journals with an ISSN, are now eligible to affiliate with Access Copyright.

Affiliating with Access Copyright means joining one of Canada’s largest communities of writers and visual artists, from bestselling to award winning, seasoned to debut, fiction to those who create the educational materials used in our classrooms, all united in a belief that creators should be fairly paid for the use of their works. Our creator affiliates contribute to the extensive repertoire of works that we license to content users and are eligible to receive royalty payments from us, including our annual Payback payment.

As a collective agency, we stand together as a creative community, especially in front of legislative bodies, and voice the need for creators to be compensated for the use of their works so they may continue to write and create for future generations of Canadians. 

For the over 13,000 writers and visual artists already affiliated with Access Copyright, we are pleased to share that they will be able to start claiming works published solely in digital form for Payback as of next year in addition to works that are published in print form, as usual. More information on how to claim works that have only been published digitally will be available in early 2023.

We encourage all creators who are Canadians or permanent residents who are now able to affiliate with Access Copyright to consider doing so. More information on affiliating with our organization is available on our website.