Learn about creator affiliation, the Payback payment, and other royalties and services for writers and visual artists.

Creator Resources

Access Copyright is dedicated to serving our writer, visual artist and publisher affiliates. Here's a list of several services and resources we offer.

Copyright Compliance - If you believe your copyright has been infringed, Access Copyright may be able to assist you

Direct Deposit - Receive your Access Copyright royalties from us by cheque? Sign up for direct deposit (French) and receive them right away instead.

Legal Information - If you are dealing with a legal matter, such as a contractual dispute, you may wish to contact a lawyer. Check out our listing of lawyer referral services which can help in finding a lawyer to speak to.

Literary Estates - If you are the heir or beneficiary of a deceased affiliate or wish to register the estate of a deceased writer or artist, Access Copyright can help.

Unlocatable Copyright Owners - Access Copyright holds royalties entitled to copyright owners who can't be found and is always on the lookout to locate them to ensure they are properly rewarded for the use of their works.