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Pre-2015 Business Licence Frequently Asked Questions

NEW! Access Copyright has launched a new licence for Canadian businesses and other organizations. Learn more about Access for Business.

What is the Access Copyright business licence?
Our comprehensive business licence enables the copying and distribution of portions of millions of business, technical, medical and scientific publications and standards from around the world to everyone in your organization.

Can I distribute digital content internally from services and subscriptions that my organization has purchased?
Yes, provided that the content is covered, and the amount copied is within the allowed limits, the comprehensive business licence provides business and distribution rights that are in addition to any rights you may have from the source where you obtained the content. 

How do I verify that a publication is covered by my business licence? 
You can copy portions of any publications in Access Copyright’s extensive repertoire. Use our convenient Title Search and Permissions Business Look-Up Tool to confirm that the titles you wish to copy are covered.

How does my current licence compare with Access for Business?
Access for Business, which we introduced in 2015, offers two significant enhancements to the coverage you receive under the comprehensive business licence.

Under Access for Business, you would have pre-clearance to copy up to 20% of individual publications in Access Copyright’s extensive repertoire. As well, Access for Business facilitates pay-per-use coverage for the external distribution of copies to others not affiliated with your organization.

Please visit here for more information on Access for Business.

Can I request permission to copy over the limits?
Yes, you can request permission to copy beyond the limits of an individual book or periodical. Over-limit permissions, where available, are subject to pay-per-use pricing and can be requested through our Title Search and Permissions Business Look-Up Tool.

What is the indemnification provided for by Access Copyright under our comprehensive business licence?
As long as you and your employees and other individuals covered under the comprehensive business licence are following the licence guidelines, Access Copyright will protect you for any liability or loss that results from a claim made against you for copying within the licence terms and conditions.

Where can I find more about information about the comprehensive business licence?
To learn more about the comprehensive business licence other issues surrounding copyright at work, please check out our three-part video series.