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Copying Guidelines for Elementary and Secondary Schools

Download a copy of our copying guidelines for elementary and secondary schools

The proposed Access Copyright Elementary and Secondary School Tariffs, 2010-2012 and 2013-2015 gives you permission to copy, remix and share from a vast repertoire of commercially published books, magazines and newspapers. As long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of the proposed tariffs, you can copy, remix and share what you need worry-free. 

You Can Always Copy

  • anything with the permission of the copyright owner
  • all or part of a work for private study, research, criticism, review or news reporting, if what you do is "fair dealing"
  • insubstantial parts of a work
  • works published during the author's lifetime, if the author died more than 50 years ago (but not recent translations or annotations of such a work)
  • if an exception in the Copyright Act applies

Under the Proposed Tariffs…

You may make copies, for school purposes, of excerpts of up to 10% of books, journals, magazines and newspapers.

The 10% limit may be exceeded if required to copy:

  • an entire chapter that comprises 20% or less of a book
  • an entire article or page from a newspaper, magazine or journal
  • an entire short story, play, essay or poem
  • an entire entry from a reference work
  • an entire reproduction of an artistic work from a publication
  • an entire reproduction of a musical work provided that, if taken from a book, does not comprise more than 20% of that book
  • up to 100% of reproducibles, including assignment sheets and blackline masters
  • an entire choral, orchestral work, or other commercially available sheet music*

*Subject to certain conditions. Please consult Section 3(d) of the proposed tariffs for more information.

Under the proposed tariffs' copying limits, you can also:

  • scan and save
  • post scanned materials to a secure network
  • project and display scanned copies for presentations to students on an overhead projector, LCD or plasma monitor, or interactive whiteboard

You must:

  • ensure that the author's name and the source appear on at least one page of your copies. If necessary, write them down on one of the pages
  • respect the moral rights of authors
  • limit the number of copies to one per student, two for the teacher and a reasonable amount for administrative purposes, to contact parents and the community and to allow on-site consultation or loan at a library

The tariffs do not authorize you to:

  • intentionally "split" copying runs to exceed the limits mentioned above
  • copy instruction manuals or teachers' guides
  • make course packs (a set of copies totalling fewer than 20 pages and coming from fewer than four sources is not a course pack)
  • copy publications containing a notice prohibiting reproduction under a licence with a collective society

To find out more about copying under the proposed tariffs, please contact Access Copyright at 416-868-1620 (toll-free 1-800-893-5777) or email us.

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