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Copyright Issues

Access Copyright is dedicated to ensuring that copyright can be beneficial for everyone: from those that copy and share material protected by copyright everyday to those who create and publish this valued content.

As part of this commitment, Access Copyright takes an active role, on behalf of our affiliates and member organizations, in lending our collective voice and making sure that the perspective of Canada's creator and publisher communities is heard when such issues as copyright reform and educational fair dealing are debated and considered.

During the recent process to update Canada's Copyright Act, Access Copyright participated in several legislative committees struck to examine changes to copyright law and also worked alongside many of our member organizations to lobby the federal government and suggest amendments to Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act, which became law on November 7, 2012.

Currently, we are involved in efforts to clarify the addition of education as a fair dealing exception to Canada's Copyright Act

Many educational institutions, schools and even the Ministries of Education have self-interpreted and adopted broad new fair dealing guidelines which claim that they are not required to seek permission for the copying of entire poems, articles and artistic works, or 10% or a chapter of a work. Some have never stopped paying Access Copyright for this copying. We believe these guidelines and actions are damaging to Canada's authors, visual artists and publishers. We are working hard to clarify the meaning of what is truly "fair" dealing with copyright protected works by educators and learners. 

We have supported the efforts of many of our member organizations, including the Association of Canadian Publishers, which has released a statement outlining its seven principles for fair dealing, the Writers' Union of Canada, the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the Canadian Authors Association, the Canadian Educational Resources Council and the Canadian Publishers Council, who have all spoken out about this topic.


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