Get pre-cleared permission to use copyright protected content at work.

Licences for Canadian Organizations 

How does your organization manage the use of copyright protected material?  For everyday activities such as downloading, posting, distributing and storing copyrighted content from multiple online and other sources, organizations need to obtain permission from the copyright holder first. 

Obtaining individual permissions while trying to meet real-time business needs is often impractical. Regardless of the type of business you're in, you and your employees need to be able to quickly and legally use critical information in whatever way you need to meet your organization's needs on a daily basis. 

But how do you do this if the material you need is copyright protected?

To address this challenge, publishers, authors, photographers and other content creators created Access Copyright to provide an immediate, simple way to permit use of their copyrighted content.

What the Access Copyright Comprehensive Licence Offers

  • Advance permission to legally copy and distribute from print and digital works from across Canada and around the world, including scientific, technical, medical and trade journals, newspapers, magazines, books and other publications.
  • Instantly add subsequent copying and distribution permissions from existing content sources including digital and print subscriptions, content delivery service seat licences, and media monitoring services.
  • Confidence that your organization is legally copying content - minimizing the risk of liability for activities that are impossible to monitor or track.
  • An indemnity against related costs and damages arising from litigation.

Because of the extensive repertoire of works it covers and the types of activities it permits, the Access Copyright licence can form the centerpiece and often the most substantial part of any organization's copyright policy.

Access Copyright provides licences to the following sectors:

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